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South Loudoun Basketball By-Laws

1. Name
1.1  The Organization name is South Loudoun Basketball

1.2  South Loudoun Basketball will also be known as “SoLo”  

1.3  Web-site address:

1.4   Mailing address: 25050 Riding Plaza, Suite 130, Box 137, South Riding, VA  20152

1.5  South Loudoun Basketball will continue to “do business as” (DBA) Mercer-Lunsford Basketball League (MLBL) through, at a minimum, December 31, 2018 during the transition from MLBL to SoLo.

2. Objective

The objective of SoLo is to provide basketball recreation and skills instruction within a competitive environment for all players and volunteers, including good sportsmanship and respect for each other, coaches, spectators and officials. 


3. Organization 
3.1 SoLo is an independent youth basketball league that operates in conjunction with Loudoun County Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services (PRCS). 

3.2 SoLo is one of the affiliated Loudoun County youth basketball leagues that are centered with each of the middle schools in Loudoun County. 

3.3 This program is available to the Second (2nd) graders through twelfth (12th) graders in the Dulles South area of southeastern Loudoun County. 


4. Administration of the By-Laws
4.1  Changes and modifications to the by-laws can be adopted with a simple fifty-one percent (51%) majority of the existing SoLo executive committee portion of the board.  

4.2  The President can make changes to the By-Laws as he/she deems prudent, reasonable and/or necessary. These changes can be made without the prior approval of the Board but are subject to the stipulations in rule-10 “President Administrative Resolution”


5. Infrastructure

SoLo is supported and run by volunteers that serve on the SoLo Board.  Section 6 below describes the process for Board of Directors Member Selection.  Section 7 below describes the roles and responsibilities for the SoLo BOD. 


6. Board of Directors Member Selection

6.1 The Board will consist of volunteers who have read the job description for the applicable position and understand and accept the responsibilities to perform the desired position.

6.2 Persons seeking a position on the Board must be at least eighteen (18) years old and a High School graduate. 

6.3 SoLo is an equal opportunity organization and will not discriminate against anyone applying for a position on the Board and/or residing as a member of the Board solely based upon Race, Color, Religion, Sex, National Origin, Age, or Physical Disabilities. 

6.4  There is no limit as to how long a person may serve on the Board. 

6.5 The normal term of office for a Board Member will begin on July 1st of the current year and conclude on June 30th of the following year.

6.6 Anyone who desires to volunteer his or her time for a specific Board position should can send an email to the League or contact a current board member

6.7  All Board members may be challenged for their position by anyone who meets the selection criteria.   In the event that there is more than one person interested in the same position the following will occur: 

6.7.1 Any applicant has the right to make a presentation or state their case before the SoLo Executive Committee. 

6.7.2 The Board is voted on by the incumbent board members from the most recent concluded season. 

6.8 The President will have the authority to appoint people to the Board as follows: 

6.8.1 To fill vacancies on the Board not filled at the beginning of the term year and to replace Board members who vacate their position. 

6.8.2 To replace members who are not fulfilling the responsibilities of their position and have been voted off the board by the existing Board members.


7. BOD Member Responsibilities

The Board will consist of volunteers who have read the job description for the applicable position and understand and accept the responsibilities to perform the desired position.

SoLo Board members serve a one-year term from July 1 through June 30 the following year, and can apply for renewal of their term annually.  The Executive Team will meet in June to review applicants and finalize the Board for the following program year.  

7.1  SoLo Executive Committee

The SoLo Executive Committee consists of the following nine (9) positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Director of Travel Program
  • Director of House League Program
  • Director of Development Program
  • Director of Rules and Discipline
  • DIrector of Officials
  • Director of Youth Coaching Program
  • Director of Safety and Security

Duties and responsibilities of these positions are detailed in 7.1.1 through 7.1.9 below.

7.1.1  President

  • The President provides overall management for the SLB League including but not limited to registration, team and coach selection, financial issues, uniforms, Inter-League competition, rules, surveys, equipment, grievances and discipline, web site and scheduling.
  • The President will be the primary contact and liaison with the school principals, PRCS and all contractors for communication and will attend County Commissioner meetings, PRCS advisory board meetings or appoints an alternate.
  • The President is responsible for handling the accounting and finance, including all of the banking functions to include financial reporting, a balance sheet, a payment register, a check register, bank statement reconciliations, receipt and disbursement of checks, and returned check follow up. 
  • The President will be responsible for managing the contract negotiation process for the contractors (trainers, trophies, etc.)
  • The President chairs the 9-person SoLo Executive Committee.
7.1.2  Vice President
  • The Vice President serves as the primary alternate for the President for activities described in 7.1.1 above
  • The Vice President is responsible for advertising, fundraising, sponsors and is the liaison with participating sponsors
  • The Vice President is responsible for coordinating Community Outreach Programs (e.g. SLB Nights)

7.1.3  Director of Travel

  • The Director of Travel is responsible for chairing the Travel Committee and Travel Advisory Committee
  • The Director of Travel is responsible for maintaining and implementing the SLB Travel Charter
  • The Director of Travel is responsible for recruiting and managing the Travel Committee members

7.1.4 Director of House League Program

  • The Director of House League is responsible for chairing the House Committee
  • The Director of House League is responsible for recruiting and managing the League Division Commissioners
  • The Director of House League is responsible for coordinating the All Star Event.   

7.1.5 Director of  Development Program

  • The Director of Development is responsible for overseeing the operations of the SoLo Development Program (2nd and 3rd Grade)
  • The Director of Development is responsible for recruiting and managing the Developmental Division Commissioner

7.1.6 Director of Rules and Discipline

  • The Director of Rules and Discipline is responsible for managing the Code of Conduct Disciplinary Review process
  • The Director of Rules and Discipline is responsible for maintaining the local house league rules 
7.1.7 Director of Officiating
  • The Director of Rules and Officials serves as the league's liasion to the Referee Assignor
  • The Director of Rules and Officials is responsible for assisting with the management and implementation of the SoLo Youth Referee Program

7.1.8  Director of Youth Coaching Program

  • The Director of Youth Coaching Program is responsible for managing, assistaing and placing the high school youth coaches
  • The Director of Youth Coaching Program is responsible for implementing a Youth Coaching Training Program 

7.1.9  Director of Safety and Security

  • The Director of Safety and Security is responsible for implementing and managing the SoLo Facility Secuirty program
  •  The Director of Safety and Security is responsible for managing the SoLo Concussion Awareness Program
  •  The Director of Safety and Security is responsible for managing the Coaching Background Check Program  

7.2  SoLo House League Commissioners

SoLo House League Commissioners are responsible for the following teams for the respective division:

  • Recruiting Volunteer Coaches
  • Managing the player draft and team selections
  • Managing communication with the coaches
  • Adjudication of any issues
  • Selection of the All Stars
  • Monitoring playoff competition
  • Ensure coaches adhere to stipulates rules
  • Escalation of issues to Executive Team for review

7.3  SoLo Travel Board

7.3.1.  The SoLo Travel Board consists of three voting members:

  • Director of Travel
  • Boys Travel Commissioner
  • Girls Travel Commissioner

7.3.2  The Travel Board collectively is responsible for the day to day operations of the SoLo Travel program to include the following:

  • Maintain the Travel Program Charter
  • Vote on the Coaching and Player Selections
  • Vote on Travel Competition (Loudoun or Fairfax)
  • Serve as FCYBL and LCTL Travel Representatives
  • Implement Travel Program Philosophy
  • Maintain Travel affiliations and Partnerships
  • Maintain Winter and Spring Travel Programs

7.4  SoLo Travel Advisory Committee

7.4.1.  The SoLo Travel Advisory Committee consists of four non-voting members:

  • Lunsford MS/Freedom HS Rep
  • Mercer MS/Champe HS Rep
  • Willard MS/TBA HS Rep
  • At Large/Paul VI Rep

7.3.2  The Travel Advisory Committee collectively is responsible for reviewing and provide recommendations to the Travel Board in the following areas:

  • Travel Program Charter Updates
  • SoLo Program Competition Options
  • Training Program and Trainer Options
  • Trave partnership and affiliations
  • Developing a framework for coaches (offense, defense)
  • Maintaining Relationships with High School Programs
  • Coaching Recruiting Process

8. BOD Meetings

8.1 The Executive and Travel Board will hold eight meetings throughout the year as follows:

  • Monthly July-October (July, Aug., Sep., Oct.)
  • Bi-monthly through June (Dec., Feb., April, June)    

8.1.1 President or Vice President will determine what specific days to meet.

8.1.2 The BOD may add interim meetings throughout the year as needed.

8.1.3 Only the President or Vice President can call a Board meeting. Board members may make a request to hold a meeting but are not authorized to conduct a meeting without the President or Vice President approval.
8.2  House League Team (Division Commissioners) will hold three (3) meetings throughout the year as follows:
  • Pre-Season Organization Meeting (August)
  • Mid-Season Review Session (December)
  • Post-Season Lessons Learned Session (April)

8.2.1  The Preisdent or Director of House League will determine what specific dates to meet

8.2.2  The President or Director of House League may add interim meetings throughout the year as needed. 

8.3  Developmental League Team (Division Commissioners) will hold three (3) meetings throughout the year as follows:

  • Pre-Season Organization Meeting (August)
  • Mid-Season Review Session (December)
  • Post-Season Lessons Learned Session (April)

8.3.1  The President or Director of Development will determine what specific dates to meet

8.3.2  The President or Director of Development may add interim meetings throughout the year as needed. 

8.4  Travel Advisory Commitee Meetings

8.4.1  The Travel Advisory Committee will meet semi-annually with the Executive Board and the Travel Board.  These meetings will be in September and April.

8.4.2  The President or Director of Travel may call additional meetings as needed.

9. Confidential Information

9.1 It is the responsibility of each Board member to understand their role in maintaining and preserving the confidential nature of issues brought before the Board.

9.2 Board members will not disseminate (to include copying and or distributing) information (verbally or in written form) about issues brought before the Board to anyone other than a current Board member. This includes:

  • Board meeting minutes
  • Financial statements
  • Interview conversations
  • Dissenting opinions

9.3 The President or Vice President must approve all critical and sensitive communication from the Board to persons outside the Board.

9.4 Board members will refrain from publicly contradicting, disagreeing or expressing dissent with a Board decision. (The “public” is defined as anyone other than a current Board member)

9.5 The President or Vice President will have the authority to recommend removal of any Board member who violates this communication rule and disseminates confidential information to persons outside the Board.


10. President/Commissioner -Administrative Resolution

10.1. The President has the authority to establish and/or alter any rule, policy, discipline or procedure, as he/she deems necessary in the best interest of the League.

10.2. If for any reason the Board disagrees with the President, the Board would have the option to overrule the President’s action with a simple fifty-one percent (51%) majority vote.


11. Eligibility

11.1 All participants in the SoLo program generally reside in the Dulles South area. The primary district which SoLo serves includes the following schools: Aldie ES, Arcola ES, Buffalo Trail ES, Cardinal Ridge ES, Freedom HS, Goshen Post ES, Hutchison Farm ES, John Champe HS, Liberty ES, Little River ES, Lunsford MS, Mercer MS, Pinebrook ES and Willard MS.

11.2 All boys and girls in grades two (2) through twelve (12) are eligible to participate in SoLo.

11.3 All players wishing to play on one of the girls or boys Travel Teams must meet specific residency requirements in accordance with the rules of the Travel program which SoLo is a member organization of.

11.4 Players who participate on the winter High School Interscholastic team are ineligible to participate in the SLB winter house league program.

11.5. The President and/or Board can approve exceptions to eligibility.


12. Facility Control

12.1 The Loudoun County Parks and Recreation Department (PRCS) is responsible for the school facilities. The PRCS schedules a Facilities Supervisor (FS) who will enforce all rules and regulations of the Recreation Department pertaining to use of the school facilities.

12.2 Persons participating in SoLo league activities or visiting as spectators are expected to adhere to all documented rules and policies or any instruction/direction given by the PRCS FS.

12.3 No food or drink, other than water, are permitted in the Gyms.

12.4 Every SoLo participant or spectator entering a school facility will remain in authorized areas only. (Gyms and restrooms)

12.5 Coaches and players are not allowed to enter a facility unless a PRCS FS is present or a School Official has given permission to enter the facility.

12.6 The PRCS FS has the right to request any player, coach or spectator to leave the premises. Failure to adhere to a PRCS FS request will result in the matter being remanded to the Loudoun County Sheriff Office for appropriate action.


13. Player Safety, Gym Etiquette & Medical Conditions

13.1 The safety of all players is of paramount concern to SoLo.  SoLo teams should only participate in team activities sanctioned by SoLo in space provided by SoLo in conjunction with Loudoun County PRCS, and Fairfax County CRS. Parent assumes risk of liability for and organized activities not sanctioned by SoLo.

13.2 Players cannot wear jewelry on the gym floor (practices and games). This includes, but is not limited to the following: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and hair ties with metal or hard plastic clasps or clips.

13.3 A player wearing eye glasses must have shatterproof lenses or an eyeglass protector (e.g., goggles).

13.4 Players must wear appropriate gym shoes any time they will be on the gym floor at a SoLo event.

13.5 No shooting at the baskets is permitted during time-outs or intermissions. Spectators should remain off the gym floor at all times during the practice or game.

13.6 Before each game only the teams warming up for that game should be shooting at the baskets.

13.7 Each team is responsible for cleaning up the bench, bleachers and floor area after all practices and games.

13.8 Players must be supervised by their coach or responsible adult while in the schools.

13.9 The SoLo Commissioner and/or applicable League Coordinator are to be notified of all major injuries within 24 hours of the incident.

13.10 First aid kits provided by SoLo. Only minor injuries will be treated by the coaches and/or PRCS FS (e.g., cuts, abrasions, sprains).

13.11 Parents are to be notified of all injuries if they are not present at the time of injury.

13.12 For all major injuries, if parents are not present, coaches are responsible for calling "911" and the parents.

13.13 Coaches are required to have in their possession a copy of their player roster and/or the following information: 

  • Parent’s names
  • Addresses
  • Home/Work/ Emergency telephone numbers
  • Emergency contact other than the parent/guardian


14. SoLo Winter Programs

14.1. SoLo provides the following levels of competition each winter season:

  • Developmental Program (Grades 2-3)
  • Elementary House Recreational (Grades 4-5)
  • Middle School Recreations (Grades 6-8)
  • High School House Recreational (Grades 9-12)
  • Travel Program (Grades 5-8)

14.2 Specific division structures are determined annually based on enrollment

14.3 Separate divisions are formed for boys and girls

14.4. Where the numbers permit, separate recreational house league conferences are formed based on a geographic split as follows:

Eastern Conference: Cardinal Ridge, Freedom, Hutchison, Liberty, Little River, and Lunsford

Western Conference: Aldie, Arcola, Buffalo Trail, John Champe, Goshen Post, Mercer, Pinebrook and Willard

14.5 All recreational players who meet eligibility requirements specified in article 11 above are guaranteed participation within the recreational or developmental league

14.6 Travel program participants must meet eligibility requirements specified to the participating league. Players are not guaranteed participation within the travel program and must be selected for these teams based on requirements described in article 15 below


15. Travel Program

15.1. Travel Team tryouts and selections will be completed prior to House league team formation

15.2. All players that desire to tryout for the Travel program must be registered with SoLo and indicate their desire to participate in the travel program

15.3. All players that desire to tryout for the Travel program must attend at least one (1) initial evaluation session and one (1) invited travel tryout sessions in order to be considered for the travel team. Exceptions, due to injury or family emergencies, must be reviewed and approved by the Board.

15.4. The Travel Committee determines the makeup of the Travel Team based on the results of the travel evaluations.

15.5 SoLo maintains a separate Travel Program Charter providing details on the travel program qualifications.

16. Pre-Season Evaluations

16.1 Pre-Season evaluations will be conducted at the beginning of each season.

16.2. The evaluation sessions are conducted to evaluate the skill level and playing ability of each player to facilitate the formation of teams with the goal that teams possess equal playing ability, experience, skill and size and avoid "stacked" team.

16.3 All registered players are asked to participate in at least one evaluation session conducted by the league for their appropriate grade level.

16.4 Players who do not attend a regular scheduled evaluation session may be required to attend a make-up session. Players who register prior to the deadline and fail to attend a regular scheduled evaluation session or the make-up evaluation session will be placed on a house league team.  The Division Coordinator will be responsible for determining the appropriate placement of the player who missed the evaluation session.

16.5  Players must attend at least one (1) of the pre-season evaluation sessions in order to be considered for the travel program.


17. House League Team Formation (Grades 4-12)

17.1 The Team formation process will be done by utilizing a snake draft in all house league recreational divisions (excludes developmental divisions)

17.2 All Players in a given conference and/or division will be ranked in order by ability and skills based on the pre-season independent evaluation sessions.

17.3 The League Commissioner will provide a “Pre-Draft” file to each coach which contains the current enrollment listing, current list of coaches for that division, player requests/preferences and ranking/grouping of players based on the results of the player evaluations

17.4 Player rankings, groupings, and draft orders are considered CONFIDENTIAL and are not permitted to be disclosed to anyone other than coaches, Board members or the President. Violation of this could result in the immediate expulsion of the coach.

17.5 Draft Procedures

17.5.1 The League Commissioner and/or a Board member must be present at each draft and must approve the final results of the draft prior to any player notification.

17.5.2 The draft order will be randomized by the drafting software.

17.5.3 A serpentine method of selection will be used for drafting.

17.5.4 SoLo will present specific player and parent requests to the coaches prior to the draft. The requests for accommodations will only be permitted if (a) it does not disrupt the parity of the division and (b) all coaches agree to the accommodation.  The Division Commissioner reserves the right to refuse specific requests made by players, their families and/or coaches.

17.5.5 Player selections at the draft are not considered final until the League releases the roster to the team. Coaches will not notify the selected players until after receiving the roster from the League.

17.1.6 Each team will have a minimum of 9 players and a maximum of 10 players.  Exceptions to the maximum number of players due to a shortage of coaches must be approved by the SoLo Executive Committee

17.1.7 The President in conjunction with the Division Commissioner are responsible for accepting/rejecting wait list players after the draft is complete and placing them on a team’s roster up and until all teams reach the maximum number of players


18. Volunteer Coaches

18.1 Coaches are responsible for providing instruction in basketball skills and sportsmanship, and serve as the point of contact for their team and its players with the SoLo program.

18.2 Coaches are expected to adhere to and enforce the Articles in the “Code of Conduct”.

18.3 Coaches will attend all required meetings and/or training as set by the Commissioner and/or Board.

18.4 Coaches are required to participate in SoLo specified training programs

18.5 Coaches must complete a new application each year. Misrepresentation of the personal facts on an application may result in suspension or expulsion.

18.6 SLB has a “Zero Tolerance” program. SoLo will perform a background check to obtain prior history in regards to the following: (misdemeanor or felony)

  • Crimes involving children
  • Crimes involving illegal Drugs
  • Crimes involving unlawful sexual acts
  • Crimes involving physical violence 

18.7 Coaches’ applications will be reviewed for but not limited to experience, results of background check and past behavior history.

18.8 Parents who are selected as a Travel Team Head Coach should understand that their child is not guaranteed a position on the team because they are coaching the team.

18.9 Each team will be allowed one (1) Head Coach and up to two (2) assistant coaches on the sidelines during a game. Only approved coaches may be present on the sidelines during the game. All assistant coaches must remain seated during the game except during a change of quarters or a time out.

18.10 The Head Coach is responsible for the behavior of all assistant coaches and/or any assistants.

18.11. House team coaches may discipline multiple unexcused absences (more than two) from practices by reducing or eliminating playing time in the following game.

18.11.1 Coaches who intend to alter the playing time of someone must notify their Division Commissioner via email, phone call or in person at least 48 hours prior to the game and receive approval, prior to the game, to administer such discipline.

18.11.2  Coaches who receive approval to reduce playing time will be allowed to reduce playing time for that game only.  Coaches must re-file for additional playing time reductions if applicable

18.11.3  Coaches who receive approval to reduce playing time must adhere to the maximum playing time rules for remaining players.

18.11.4  In the event that playing time rules are not adhered to, for any unapproved reason, the team and coach are subject to disciplinary procedures.   

18.12 A Coach must remain with all players that are picked up outside the school building. No child may be left alone in the parking lot. Parents who are repeatedly late picking up their child should be reported to the applicable League Commissioner for appropriate action.

18.13. Coaches should not transport players from one site to another without parental permission or notification to the parent(s).

18.14 Any coach who commits any of the following actions will be expelled from the League for the remainder of the current season and the entire next season:

  • Abandons/deserts his/her team
  • Threatens or uses physical violence against anyone at a SoLo activity. 

18.15 Any coach who repeatedly uses profanity directed toward or about anyone while on school premises shall be subject to the following discipline:

  • First offense = one (1) game suspension
  • Second offense = suspended for remainder of the season 

18.16 Coaches are to communicate any comments, concerns, issues or suggestions directly to the League Commissioner. Coaches will not disseminate (verbally or in written form) any Board or league communiqué that is labeled “confidential – Do not copy or distribute” to anyone other than the current President, League Commissioner and/or the current Board. Violation of this rule will result in immediate expulsion from the league.

18.17 After the Board renders a decision on a given issue coaches will not engage other coaches in an attempt to intimidate, coerce or force the Board to change their decision. However, Coaches may engage the President and/or the Board for further discussion. Coaches who violate this rule are subject to suspension. Repeated violations would result in expulsion.

18.18 The Board reserves the right to refuse an individual's request to coach with the SoLo organization.


19. Game Rules

19.1. SoLo adheres to official High School Basketball Rules as published in The National Federation of State High School Association Rule Book with the exceptions listed in House League Local Rules.

19.2. The Director of Rules and Discipline, and the Director of Officiating may “recommend” changes to rules beyond those stipulated in this document. The Board must approve any request for a rule change. Any rules variation will be listed in House League Rules.

19.3. Coaches, League Commissioners, and the President will ensure that players and parents are fully aware of all rules.


20. Non-Discrimination
South Loudoun Basketball (SoLo) prohibits discrimination against its players, coaches, board members and spectators for participation on the bases of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, gender identity, religion, reprisal, and where applicable, political beliefs, marital status, familial or parental status, sexual orientation, or all or part of an individual's income is derived from any public assistance program, or protected genetic information in employment or in any program or activity conducted by SoLo.


21. Dissolution of the Organization

Upon dissolution of SoLo, any remaining assets will be donated to local school or youth organizations designated by the outgoing Board 

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