Sunday, February 18:  All gyms are OPEN.  All SoLo activities will be held as scheduled.

South Loudoun Basketball Board

About the Board

Board Members serve an annual term, starting July 1 and continuing through June 30.  Planning for the winter season begins with a board meeting in early-July, where the new board gets organized for the season.  The South Loudoun Basketball Board is comprised of an Executive Team, Travel Team, House League Team, and 2nd Grade Development Team.

Executive Team

  • President and League Commissioner - Bill Morris
  • Vice President and Operations Director - Bob Schneider
  • Travel Director - Dennis Park
  • House League Director - Raja Iyer
  • 2nd Grade Director - Gary Jones

Travel Team

  • Travel Director - Dennis Park
  • Boys Travel Commissioner - Jason Murphy
  • Girls Travel Commissioner - Andy Kim
  • Off-Season Program Coordinator - Bryan Bielecki
  • Travel Player Development - Chip Ashton

House League Team

  • Director of House League - Raja Iyer
  • High School Commissioner - Larry Banks
  • Girls Middle School Commissioner - Lee Curtis
  • Girls Elementary Commissioner - Tom Bellanca
  • Boys 8th Grade Commissioner - David Burkholder
  • Boys 7th Grade Commissioner - Ben Desjardins
  • Boys 6th Grade Commissioner - Patrick Flynn 
  • Boys 5th Grade Commissioner - Shaun Swartz
  • Boys 4th Grade Commissioner - Dae Choi
  • Boys 3rd Grade Commissioner - Dawn Fiorillo

2nd Grade Developmental Team

  • 2nd Grade Director - Gary Jones
  • 2nd Boys Deputy Commissioner - Loren Farrar
  • 2nd Girls Deputy Commissioner - Bruce Rietheimer

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